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china fixed bed reactors

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fixed bed chemical reactors introduction suyang specializes in chemical equipment, vessel design, manufacturing, sales and service. our reactors have various capacities such as 50l-5000l, we can produce according to your requirements and can handle the pressure of a number of complex process type

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heavy duty plastic pallet factory

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  suzhou chen-an corp. ltd., founded in 1993, the company invested more than $20 million, covers an area of 30000 square meters, construction area of 28000 square meters, we are one of the biggest plastic products manufacturer in china.   we have more that 20 sets large

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extracting agent for rare metals manufacturers

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tri-alkyl amine (7301or n235) molecular formula: c27h57n cas no.: 68814-95-9 description: colorless or yellowish transparent oily liquid. density(20°c) is0.821g/cm3;refractive index(20°c)is 1.449;boiling point is 466.2°c at 760 mmhg .flash point 206.9 °c, the vapor pressure of 7.23 e-09 mmhg at 2

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best green tea extract powder

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our history shaanxi dongyu bio-tech co., ltd (as dongyu in brief) was founded in 2001, with its location at beautiful xixiang county of north-west of china. it is specializing in organic tea clutivation ,tea health foods, natural herb extracts and organic fruit and vegetables. it also focuses


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